VMS 1200 - 1400

The VMS 1200 - 1400 flail mower head is powered by a tooth belt drive. It is available for right-hand and left-hand work optionally. The flail shaft can be equipped with different types of flails. The VMS is equipped with a changeable wear protection liner. The bearings of the scanning roller and flail shaft are maintenance-free. The mowing head can be equipped with a Tasttronic for optimal guidance even at irregular ground and counter-slopes.


Technical data

VMS 1200VMS 1400
Working width:1200 mm1400 mm
Rotor speed:2400 rpm2400 rpm
Weight: 350 kg380 kg



The VMS 1200 and VMS 1200 can be attached to the following outriggers:

UNA 450 - 600, DUA 700 & 800, HDM 600 & 700 and Mowing combination MK 25