The series SFK sweepers: compact builds and diverse attachment options


Series SFK

The series SFK sweepers are designed for front attachment to tractors with three-point cat II + III, Unimog, trucks and wheel loaders. The sweeping roller balances itself optimally. Annoying adjustment with the supporting wheels is not necessary.

The sweeping rollers of the FKM series have a working width of 2.20 to 3.00 m. The sweepers are serially equipped with disc brushes. Sweeping rollers of plastic corrugated wire mix, snow-sweeping rollers and sweeping rollers in honeycomb form are available as well.

The series SFK can be equipped with a hydraulic side brush, a dirt collection tray water spraying device, water high-pressure facility, water tank or dirt scraper bar on request.

For more information on our sweeping machines, see our current leaflet.