The very solid outriggers of the DUA 700 and DUA 800 series have a work range of up to 15 metres.


Outrigger DUA 700 / 800

The outriggers of the DUA series are designed for front attachment to the vehicle plates of size 3 or 5. The DUA-outriggers are made of 3 arms (DUA 700) or 3 arms and a telescopic outrigger (DUA 800). They are powered by the PTO shaft of the carrier vehicle or its power hydraulics. The basic unit serves to take up various work equipment. The work equipment can be used to the left, right and in front of the vehicle. The working width from the vehicle centre reaches to 7.80 m (DUA 800).  They are controlled by a CAN-BUS control with serial outrigger relief or alternatively a Tasttronic system.

(Kopie 2)

For more information on our outriggers, see our current leaflet.