The USM 15-26 flail mowers – universally usable mowing and mulching units for larger tractors



The UMG 2800 uni mower was developed as a mowing and mulching machine for use on fallow land, pastures or on maize stubble fields on tractors from 73 KW/100 HP upwards.
The mower housing is made of high-strength fine-grained steel. The UMG 2800 is equipped with free floating flails (3 kg each) as standard. In addition, an adjustable counter blade is installed for optimum adjustment of the shredding degree. Depending on the desired shredding degree, up to two additional chaff-cutter combs can be attached.
The large diameter of the mower hood allows for high throughputs.
The bearings of the scanning roller and the flail shaft have been redesigned and relocated to the inside. This installation optimally protects the bearings against moisture and dirt. In addition, the bearings are maintenance-free and „lubricated for life”. This internal bearing as well as the optimised drive with automatic tensioning device ensure a maximum working width and reduced maintenance costs.
A three-point linkage for use in front and rear attachment is installed as standard. A hydraulic lateral displacement of 60 cm ensures an optimum range of use.
The heavy-duty PTO shaft design with hardened inner pipe and tube bottom lubrication is of quality „made in Germany” and ensures the trouble-free supply of spare parts.

For more information on our flail mowers, see our current leaflet.